Monday, November 13, 2006

"Tinsel, Turkey, and Warhol"

So it is that time of year again! Cannot believe it has come so soon. CHRISTMAS WINDOW INSTALLATION!

As most of my 2 readers know I am a creative director for a store in Beverly Hills.In the display world this is like our time to show whose peacock feathers are the brightest and the I am being a bit more secretive about it as in years past because it is my first time at the helm and want to surprise everyone. This years theme is a cool one which is Happy Andy Warholidays! So I have been submerging myself in all things Andy Warhol. I have to admit I am surprised on how you can make a christmas window out of such an artistic theme...Although I took a more disco approach to this years theme ( lets say that it also could be a Madonna Hung Up Christmas) If you are in the neighborhood stop by and see them.

So speaking of the holiday and Hung Up...I am going to Philly to visit a dear friend, we will call him TATAs. Very excited to see TATAs ! Have not seen him since he has moved to grad school..That is our drunk picture of us at Bingham cup earlier this year. He played I ran touch and then we ran up our credit cards shopping...."Oh those" Can't wait to see him ...of course I will have to wear a scarf when I see him because he so greatly adnmires the way I wear mine for some So will post one more blog before I leave....just jiving tonight....

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