Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hey my 2 readers haven't been on here in a while so catching up... I had a fabulous thanksgiving with my friend in Philadelphia. I think I really needed to do this because it centered me a lot while I was there, and my very gracious host Scott was always nice to see again.
So I found my Philadelphia freedom while I was there .No it was very cold but kind of interesting because I have never experienced Christmas time on the east coast which coming from California is a whole other world . So walking around in the city with the holiday lights up and all kind a made me in a more romantic mood but whatever if it comes it comes. (but that is a whole other story)
One of the days we went to New York to do some christmas shopping. It was great because Christmas in New York is very cool and it is like sensory overload. Looked at all the windows and shopped for a trench coat with my friend and got him a burberry scarf(which I guess he regrets because everyone has one... ) But overall it was a lovely day. The pic above was from the Temple of Dendur at the Met although I look like I should be having tea in London.
A word about the Philadelphia Museum of Art , it is fuckin' amazing.It was way overwhelming but their collection is probably one of the if not the best in the world. They also have a a great thing on Friday nights with Jazz played in the Atrium of the museum and cocktails served. Needless to say I had a few Martinis and was a little tipsy looking at the collection. I also went to independence square and looked at the Liberty Bell ( Eh, I've seen better cracks on plumbers) Ben Frankens grave and took in the whole old school 1780' s feeling( great architecture) Me and Scott then went to Betsy Ross' house. Where we encountered a lady with a fake british voice asking us if we needed "drapes" . Seemed to be a running theme with her she would talk about her drapes with everyone..We also went to the Natual history museum and was scared out of my head with the exhibits. I also went to Wanamakers that now is a Macys. Went to this Dickens Christmas thing that was a big surprise to me at how charming it was although it was all about more people with fake british accents . They also have a great light show in this giant atrium that was beautiful and made me long for the days of old school retail. Obviously it was a grand dame in her heyday so it made me a bit sad that Macys had watered it down to nothing.
Well, kids this was a pretty long blog ...but will update next week when we will talk about my corporate visit and dating(again)