Saturday, November 18, 2006

So Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I have included some pictures of my Christmas windows I talked about in my previous blog. They actually came out really beautiful.

Funny though I feel like I am going through post partum depression. (did I spell that right?) I think that since this was my first Christmas that was all me and my work is done...mama feels like she just had her 15 pound

In the end though what really made it was that it came off successful and totally me. I also asserted myself as different than my 2 other managers who I worked under . I was always considered the campy one so I find it satisfying to show that I can be other things and not pidgeonholed in my displays.So now that it is up I can relax and just go with the flow and enjoy my trip seeing my friend this holiday weekend.

Speaking of my trip, I was trying to figure out what to take with me and CHILD, I need to hit the gym 2 times a day for the next 4 I haven't gone because I have been so proccupied wth my job that MAMA has been pulling on her eating dress when she gets home and bustin' through the Oreos...(mmmmm sounds good) AHHHH ! damitt stop thinking of oreos...LOL But I will have to think of something fabulous to wear for a BBW ( big beautiful I don't really care any how...the whole point is too see my friend and spend some time with him.
Can't wait to see Philly bars...and alleys HAHA( inside joke)I will write while I am out there so talk later .

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