Saturday, October 28, 2006

Okay, I have this friend who has a Blog and I found this kind of facinating .

I never ever got into this kind of thing before, always thought it was a waste of time. Until I started reading my friends from Philadelphia blog. It is kind of this cool voyeuristic thing where you just kind of sound off on your everyday life.

Ohhhhhh..BTW My name is Donald and I live in Los Angeles, okay West Hollywood to be exact. I am Samoan(very americanized!) 35 yrs old, 310 pounds (okay give or take some if my backfat is down) 6'4" , the details of hair and eyes are above. I have a great job , friends and family.

Spaeaking of Family , I am the youngest of 5 childeren. We are all grown up ranging from 45 to my young 35 (lol) There is 1 brother and 3 sisters whom I am close too . My mom lives in San Diego which is also where I also grew up. My father died when I was 15.

So that is the simple stats, probably will be posting a lot since this is cheaper than therapy...LOL. Going back to the title , I don't know what I am thinking. I used to lie a lot because I thiought I was a boring person, but looking at myself lately I have figured out that all of us are interesting in their own way.

So look out bloggers here comes something meatier!

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Scott said...

Grrrrl, you made it sound like what was an otherwise boring life (mine), suddenly became interesting when it was blogged. My life's a page-turner every day, with or without a blog! I mean, who wouldn't want to hear about my wacky stories from corporate finance class?

I also think you need a recurring feature. Maybe something like a weekly, "New reason I hate ___________ (girl bear to remain anonymous) --> Her penchant for misuse of homonyms (i.e. heels = heals)."

Or maybe I could run a weekly philly phashion update for all the sunny, happy people in cali. Something like, "ear muffs--they not only make you look sexy, they keep your ears from falling off!"