Monday, October 30, 2006

The first part of this blog is kind of a downer but, it gets happier towards the end, I promise!
So living and working in Los Angeles is a trip.

We all come here for different reasons. Some come here for fame, some transferred for work and some just come for the weather. I have discovered that most people come here with certain goals and usually want something from you. Not all of them mind you just the very select few. lol

Example I went on this great date with this guy the other morning. He had just moved here recently from another state and was telling me the same thing. He is studying to be a pharmacist and when guys find out what he does they are pretty ballsy and ask him for viagra( totally sad) , vicodin and etc.

I told him I have the same problem that when I tell people what I do for a living, they automatically ask me for a discount. Some are kidding some are not.....So what I am trying to say already.

That it is very hard to find real people in this town. I hate to be a downer but, it is very true. I thought I had come across some people who I thought were my friends, but screwed me over in the end...(and not in the good way Gurl...)LOL So I think I will be turning over a new leaf. I used to be very trusting but, Lord knows...(Scotti you understand this) I am becoming hard...Sad Gurl but true...LOL okay so no more downer stuff.

Let's talk about Halloween.....or in West Hollywood , the official gay holiday. The above picture is of me last year. NO, I was not a pirate but a gypsy, Gypsy Rose Lee to be exact. I had a lot of fun last year , but trying to figure out if I want to go out this year. I might have to be a beat up rugby player again this year . I have had a really bad 2 weeks in my store and" I need a drink Roz!" "ATTA GIRL!"LOL so hopefully I can go and party with peace of mind and just forget about stuff for a couple of hours

So want to see all these people from work in drag. I can never do drag, mainly because I would look like Magilla Gorilla in a dress. But I would love the accessories...LOL I would also have to buy an industrial size corset for my middle , probably at Sears in the Kenmore appliance section.
so I hope everyone has a safe Halloween and be careful getting home !

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